Free Workshop: Meeting Facilitation and Consensus Process


HOW do we talk about WHAT we talk about in our activist meetings?

Are our conversations “natural” and free-flowing, or do we structure them in a more mindful and deliberate way?

Free-flowing conversations are great between friends and can be integral to brainstorming and other creative processes. But sometimes we can run into problems based on someone’s communication style (ie, constantly interrupting or going off topic) or even invisible power dynamics between people of different backgrounds (ie, ethnic or gender identities).

This Sunday at 4pm Katie Manyard, UCSB Sustainability Coordinator, will offer a free workshop on Meeting Facilitation and Consensus Process at the Sunken Gardens downtown at the Courthouse. (1100 Anacapa St.)

Please come!

To RSVP reply to this email or call/text 805-470-0366. -350 Team

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