Santa Maria Energy: Big Oil’s 15.4 Billion Barrel Floodgate…


In Alberta, Canada, Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) has caused a six-month leak contaminating drinking water. Engineers have no idea how to stop it. This is what Santa Maria Energy wants to do in our region.

Why To Oppose The Santa Maria Energy Project

This project is of national and global significance because it is the beginning of Big Oil’s attempts to unlock massive reserves of unconventional oil in CA (e.g., mentioned in Wall Street Journal). Like Canadian tarsands, CA heavy oil is some of the most energy-intensive, high emissions oil in the world.

Our County Supervisors will make a decision on the project on November 12 and it’s close. Mark the date and follow the steps below if you want to make maximum impact against the project.

What you can do:

1. Sign and share this petition opposing it.
2. Find out who your County Supervisor is by going here.
3. Call and/or email your Supervisor and voice your opposition and concern. Get 5-10 others to do the same. Get organizations you’re affiliated with to sign a letter of opposition and send it to county supervisors.

The message is pretty simple

The Santa Maria Energy project would be one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in Santa Barbara County, equivalent to adding 17,000+ cars to our roads. We need to protect our area from risky enhanced techniques like fracking, acidization and steam injection. Any new project like this should at the very least be required to offset their emissions.

Extra Credit

4. Write a letter to the editor of any local paper opposing the project, then forward an online publication of the letter to your local supervisor. This will amplify the power and influence of your voice.

Numbers Are CRITICAL!

5. Show up in person on November 12 for public comment. These hearings can be grueling to get through and can take several hours, but the consequences of us having a low turnout could be catastrophic for the world. Let us know if you can come:

The 350 Santa Barbara Team


HIGHLY BIASED JOURNALISM: 85 Percent of Santa Barbara News-Press Opinions Favor Fossil Fuel Industry

Santa Barbara, October 20, 2013 –

On her website, Santa Barbara News-Press owner Wendy McGraw says, “To do our job right covering local issues and regional governments, we must report without bias and we must be balanced in our coverage. We must uphold the truth; it is essential to the integrity of the News-Press. That is our unalienable right under the First Amendment; it is also our moral duty.”

Climate Group 350 Santa Barbara analyzed three months of syndicated and guest opinion pieces published in the Santa Barbara News-Press regarding energy issues. The group discovered that 85 percent of syndicated or guest opinion pieces printed in the last three months regarding the fossil fuel industry presented arguments in favor of expanded drilling, fracking, a California “shale boom,” the Santa Maria Energy project, or expressed opposition to increased taxation of oil companies. During the same period, 80 percent of published opinions about the renewable energy industry were negative

News-Press Favors The Fossil Fuel Industry.

News-Press Favors The Fossil Fuel Industry.

News-Press Opposes Renewable Energy Industry.

News-Press Opposes Renewable Energy Industry.


New Video: Keystone: Why Should I Care?

One of our members Stan Roden made this awesome video mostly in context of our September 21 Draw The Line Action. In the video he asks several people (and a costumed character named Darth Fracker…) why as Santa Barbarans they should care about a pipeline hundreds of miles away.