Candlelit Vigil for Philippines


When: Tuesday 6pm
Where: De La Guerra Plaza then silent walk to harbor
Bring: Candles and signs if possible

Join us as we gather in memory of the thousands dead and millions displaced by Typhoon Haiyan. We will gather at De La Guerra Plaza then walk silently with candles down State Street then to the harbor holding signs calling attention to the need for drastic, international climate action.

Superstorm Haiyan is a climate nightmare — carbon pollution is driving more frequent and intense storms which are devastating vulnerable communities. New realities require new politics, I urge you to stop the sad tradition of feet-dragging on commitments to cut pollution, and breaking promises on finance.” — Yeb Sano, Climate Commissioner for the Philippines addressing leaders at the Warsaw COP19 UN Climate Talks last week

We Won! (Thank you)

We won!


On November 12, 2013 the Santa Barbara County Supervisors voted to require a massive, energy-intensive oil project (the Santa Maria Energy project) to offset the majority of their greenhouse gas emissions. They cited the large number of petitions and letters they received opposing the project as a factor.

If you contacted your district supervisor or signed our petitions, thank you. You made a difference.

If applied to future projects and made into local law, the impact of this decision in a shale oil region like ours would be monumental.

Please thank Doreen Farr, Janet Wolf and Salud Carbajal for their vote and ask them to do two things:

1. Make the 10,000 mtCO2 mitigation standard county law so that all future projects are subject to it – not just Santa Maria Energy.
2. Set up a local carbon offsets program to keep the money used for these programs within our local economy.

You can find their email contacts here:

Keep up the good work.

350 Santa Barbara Team