The Santa Barbara News-Press is Anti-Environment


The News Press has a right to choose what stances they take and who writes their editorials. Likewise, residents of Santa Barbara have a right to object when that choice runs counter to our community values.

The News Press editorial writer, Andy Caldwell, has been attacking environmentalists, conservation efforts, renewable energy and climate science nearly every week, sometimes on a daily basis.

  • ·         He attacked the pope, claiming poverty is a personal choice. 1
  • ·         He published a Christmas editorial arguing that efforts to save the planet cause world wars, ethnic cleansing & the holocaust. 2
  • ·         He attacked a faith organization for their concern about climate change.3
  • ·         He attacked politicians for setting limits on pollution from oil development.4
  • ·         He linked environmentalism with Nazi eugenics and theories that, “justify allowing millions of people to starve to death.” 5
  • ·         Editorial after editorial claims that “the climate has not yet changed” and that “warming that is no longer observable.”6
  • ·         He claims climate change educators are “your enemy”7 who want you to live “without windows”8 and “toasters.”7

Our analysis of a three month period found that 85% of opinion pieces in the News Press regarding the oil and fossil fuel industry were in favor and 80% regarding the renewable energy industry were negative.

It is one thing to have a regular pro-oil contributor or publish misinformation about climate change. It is yet another thing to have anti-environmentalism be your primary editorial cause. Caldwell has attacked nearly every environmental organization in town.

If you, like most Santa Barbarans, take pride in our environmental stewardship, please keep this hostile editorial stance in mind the next time you consider reading, advertising in or distributing the Santa Barbara News Press.

1 “Pontificating on poverty in a vaccum of values” 2/2/14; 2 “What child is this?” 12/25/13; 3 “Today is all they have” 10/20/13; 4 “How to run a royal railroad” 12/27/13;  5 “The evil sire of the environmental movement” & “The origin of environmentalism: Not what you think”; 6 “95% certain or hilariously incoherent?” 10/9/13; 7 “Coal banned from Christmas stockings” 12/22/13; 8 Environmental pretenders holed up in hypocrisy 12/29/13

HIGHLY BIASED JOURNALISM: 85 Percent of Santa Barbara News-Press Opinions Favor Fossil Fuel Industry

Santa Barbara, October 20, 2013 –

On her website, Santa Barbara News-Press owner Wendy McGraw says, “To do our job right covering local issues and regional governments, we must report without bias and we must be balanced in our coverage. We must uphold the truth; it is essential to the integrity of the News-Press. That is our unalienable right under the First Amendment; it is also our moral duty.”

Climate Group 350 Santa Barbara analyzed three months of syndicated and guest opinion pieces published in the Santa Barbara News-Press regarding energy issues. The group discovered that 85 percent of syndicated or guest opinion pieces printed in the last three months regarding the fossil fuel industry presented arguments in favor of expanded drilling, fracking, a California “shale boom,” the Santa Maria Energy project, or expressed opposition to increased taxation of oil companies. During the same period, 80 percent of published opinions about the renewable energy industry were negative

News-Press Favors The Fossil Fuel Industry.

News-Press Favors The Fossil Fuel Industry.

News-Press Opposes Renewable Energy Industry.

News-Press Opposes Renewable Energy Industry.