Another Video by Stan Roden

Part Two of the “KXL: Why Should I Care?” series.

New Video: Keystone: Why Should I Care?

One of our members Stan Roden made this awesome video mostly in context of our September 21 Draw The Line Action. In the video he asks several people (and a costumed character named Darth Fracker…) why as Santa Barbarans they should care about a pipeline hundreds of miles away.

Videos of Summer Heat Climate Rally speakers 7/27/13

Here are videos from the 5 speakers who spoke at our Summer Heat Climate Rally in Linden Field, Carpinteria on July 27, 2013.

Katie Davis, Climate Reality Project

Nathan Alley, Environmental Defense Center

Peggy Oki, Origami Whales Project

John Reed,

Becca Claassen, 350 Santa Barbara