No New Oil Wells in Santa Barbara County!

Sign our petition to Santa Barbara County here: Please Reject 750+ New Oil Wells!                      

The petition reads as follows…

Dear Santa Barbara County Supervisors and Planning Commissioners,

I respectfully urge you to be a voice for your constituents and reject the upcoming proposals for 750+ new oil wells from AERA, ERG and PetroRock. Many of these wells would use dirtier and riskier enhanced oil production methods that contribute to climate change and emit 4X as much carbon as traditional drilling. These projects would drill through the Santa Maria Groundwater Basin, which provides water for 12 cities and over 200,000 people – well castings often fail – potentially contaminating our largest water basin in the county. We should be transitioning to 100% renewable energy and investing in renewable energy infrastructure, not contributing to climate change and threatening our limited water supply in Santa Barbara County. Our new administration’s denial of climate change, determination to defund the EPA and weaken environmental protections, makes it all the more important that we stand strong against all extreme oil drilling methods in our county. Santa Barbara County residents overwhelmingly oppose extreme oil drilling, I urge you to deny all of these proposals and fight for an oil free Santa Barbara County.

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