Photos from The March for REAL Climate Leadership

Feb. 7, 2015
Some of our friends who helped us get over 130 people from our area up to Oakland and who had fun at the march! // Algunos de nuestros amigos que nos ayudó a conseguir más de 130 personas de nuestra área de hasta Oakland y que se divirtieron en la marcha !

IMG_6494 IMG_6483 IMG_6469 IMG_6466 IMG_6415IMG_648214174_448512458629861_780060049452422995_n10955703_448512465296527_3345144482179111724_n1505079_448512468629860_7944037743776716764_n10402563_448512518629855_7485021675301592426_n10928995_448512528629854_5690124950927863297_n10982472_448515925296181_5236027391165348561_n

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