Help us pass Measure P!


Help us make sure Measure P passes in November!

Over the last few months 350 Santa Barbara members have been part of a county-wide coalition aiming to ban fracking and other extreme forms of oil extraction in our region. This coalition, called the Santa Barbara County Water Guardians, successfully gathered enough signatures to put the ban on the November ballot. The ban is now called Measure P, and if it passes we will have successfully prevented a massive expansion of dangerous oil drilling techniques in our county.

If Measure P doesn’t pass, we can kiss all our local energy conservation efforts goodbye. The sheer scale of this prospective oil boom would more than double our county’s carbon emissions, effectively canceling out everything we have done to reduce our carbon footprints as individuals.

Measure P may be the most important political issue regarding climate change in our county’s history. If you want to see Measure P pass, help us get out the vote for November.

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