Bus trip to Sacramento – March 15

March15Invite CAFsmall

All aboard!

On March 15th THOUSANDS of Californians will descend on Sacramento to demand that Governor Brown ban fracking! Will you be one of them?

We’ve organized a bus that picks up in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. We’re hoping you’ll hop on the bus with us and join in the largest anti-fracking effort California has ever seen.

You can buy tickets here, or you can sponsor a ticket for someone to go in your place.

Just imagine: you’ll be on a bus full of 60 anti-fracking activists from your area – some you know and some you don’t! Then you’ll converge with THOUSANDS of others all over the state to demand the same thing: a ban on fracking in California!

Let’s not miss this historic opportunity!

350 Santa Barbara

PS. Email me directly for details: maxgolding1@gmail.com

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