Join Concerned Citizens and March Against Keystone this Saturday, September 21st!

We built a 90 foot (mock) pipeline… Image

Let’s carry it downtown Saturday!


10:00 AM: Alameda Park, corner of Anacapa and Sola

Speakers: Hannah Beth-Jackson (US Senator), Katie Davis (Climate Reality Project)
-March & chant to Sunken Gardens 

10:45: Sunken Gardens

Speakers: Helene Schneider (Mayor), Linda Krop (Environmental Defense Center)
-March & chant to State Street 

11:15: Cota and State:
-Pick up more marchers (reinforcements!)
-March & chant to West Beach 

12:00 PM: West Beach
Speakers: Das Williams (US Congress), Elie Katzenson (SBCC Student President)

Photo-op: If you can’t make it to anything else make it to the photo-op at 12pm where State Street and the beach meet. We need as many people there as we can get!

Our message:
We want Obama to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline and keep his promises about climate action!

Obey traffic laws:
Stay on the sidewalk and stop at red lights! Police enforce jaywalking laws more seriously during protests.

If you can help with any of the following, or have questions, please email

-Chant leaders
-Legal observers
-Clipboard carriers

See you Saturday!

350 Santa Barbara team


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