Climate Rally

Santa Barbara!

If you haven’t heard about‘s Summer Heat campaign, here’s the rundown:  The last two weeks of July are the hottest of the year in the US. During this time groups along the path of Keystone XL Pipeline and elsewhere are using their bodies to resist the fossil fuel industry – good old fashioned 
civil disobedience!

In Nebraska they’re building a wind turbine directly on the path of the pipeline!  In Richmond, CA they’re going to risk arrest with sunflowers at the Chevron refinery that exploded and caught fire last year, and in Eastern Utah they are going to try to stop a new tar sands mine from being built!

Our group wanted to do something in solidarity with these bold actions, but when we weighed the pros and cons we decided against using civil disobedience. Risking arrest is serious business and it takes financial and legal resources our group is too small to handle at this time. But…


Santa Barbara County’s first ever Climate Rally will take place on 
Saturday July 27, 2:30pm at Carpinteria State Beach.  We chose this location based on oil company Venoco’s recent proposal to drill for oil onshore in Carp. This rally will function both as a demonstration against the fossil fuel industry (with Venoco in mind, mostly), and as a day for learning how to build up your political will – not just your consumer will – to fight climate change.

Workshops will include education about how to put a price on carbon, how to lead a fossil fuel divestment initiative at your school, city or church, and how to enact rights-based legislation to prevent the fossil fuel industry from stepping foot within city limits where you live ever again.  There are still openings for additional workshops.

We also teamed up with Bici Centro and organized a bike ride from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria!  If you’re interested in that meet at 506 E. Haley Street at 1:00pm and get ready to Ride To The Tide!  Please spread the word on Facebook!

We’re coordinating carpools for those who can’t bike to the event so contact us by replying to this email if you want to RSVP.

“What we need in this fight are citizens who will stand up, and speak up, and compel us to do what this moment demands.” – Barack Obama’s first ever climate change speech, June 23.

In solidarity,
350 Santa Barbara Team

PS:  If you’re interested in helping with a California state pension divestment project there’s a conference call for that on July 15.  Let us know if you would like to learn more.  Also, we’re meeting with Councilmember Cathy Murillo this Wednesday to talk about putting a ban on fossil fuel investments in Santa Barbara City and we could still use some more signatures on our petition.

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